MLC 2006

SEAMAR s.c. is a licensed crewing agency rendering recruitment and crewing agent’s services for seamen in the territory of Poland.
SEAMAR s.c. carries its activity in compliance with the provisions and requirements of the MLC 2006 Convention and the relevant regulations in force in Poland.
The basic criteria for the requirements of the MLC 2006 Convention 

1. The Company carries its crewing activity in a way that fully respects the rights of the seamen.
2. The Company provides the seamen with complete information on the terms and conditions concerning the offer of employment presented to them.
3. The costs of obtaining a passport, seaman’s book, health certificate or the necessary certificates are borne by the seamen. 
4. The Company cooperates with only those ship owners that can ensure respecting the seamen’s rights and fulfilling the terms of the seamen’s contracts.
5. The Company cooperates solely with clients complying with the MLC 2006 Convention. 
6. The Company does not employ seamen below the age of 18.
7. The Company treats all the seamen on equal terms, irrespective of their age, gender or confession. 
8. The Company does not collect from the seamen any fees relating to the recruitment and crewing process.
9. The Company is in constant contact with the seamen and their families.
10. The Company features its seamen’s complaint procedure on its website, and it pledges to respond and consider all the employment-related complaints, claims, reminders and queries received by it from the seamen and their families. 

The Company’s policy is aimed at promoting the seaman’s profession and it eliminates risks of the occurrence of actions that could affect the seamen’s rights to get employment or improve their qualifications. 

Recruitmen procedure (pdf)