Recruitment procedure



1. Target: Recruiting crews for seagoing vessels by a crewing agency in response to specific requests in this respect received from a ship owner/operator. 
2. Scope: The above mentioned procedure is applicable to seamen
s recruiting and employing tasks.
3. Input data for the recruitment and agency services procedure: a written request received from a ship owner/operator for recruiting candidates (seamen) for vacant positions on ships. 
4. The course of the recruitment and agency services procdure

  • analysing the request received from the ship owner/operator
  • checking the agencys own human resources (database)
  • optionally: making an announcement (media, etc  the running recruitment actions)
  • selecting a candidate/candidates for a specific position
  • required documents: the candidates C.V. or an application forman interview with a pre-selected candidate(s)
  • verifying the entitlements of a candidate(s)
  • verifying the validity of the competency and other certificates required in a specific position
  • verifying the previous course of employment of the applicant(s)
  • proposing the selected and verified candidate(s) to the ship(s) managed by the ship owner/operator
  • receiving the ship owners/operators acceptance of the candidate or a group of candidates proposed
  • presenting a detailed offer of the employment terms and conditions to the candidate or a group of candidates for specific positions
  • receiving the candidates/candidates acceptance of the employment terms and conditions.

5. Input data for the recruitment and agency services procedure:

  • concluding an employment contract with a seaman or a group of seamen on behalf of the ship owner/operator
  • entering the seaman or seamen into a database (a new contract)
  • instructing the seaman/seamen on their travel and future employment on a ship (orally or in writing)
  • maintaining a steady contact (by e-mail or phone) with the seamen and their families
  • arranging for transfers of allotments of the seamens monthly wages to their bank accounts
  • instructing the seaman/seamen employed on the vessels on their travel back home (orally or by using electronic means of communication). 

6. Responsibilities 
 in the process of rendering the recruitment and employment agency services, the crewing agents employees called crew operators are fully responsible for efficient carrying out all the related tasks, this including the seamens safe travelling to the vessel (workplace) and back home.

7. Enclosures:

  • seamens files consisting of their competency and training completion certificates as required by pertinent international regulations
  • a receipt of providing seamen with working clothes (if such is the requirement of the ship owner / operator)


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