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MLC 2006


Refers to:    Business Leader Restaurant

Subject: Job Profile


  • Be comfortable with approaching and communicatingwith the guests onboard.

  • High level of tolerance and patience.

  • Work rationally, be quick and open minded.

  • Be able to work in an environment with a considerable level of pressure.

  • Be a proactive person and quickly adapt to unexpected changes.

Subject:              Responsibility


  • Organization, service and placement of passengers in the restaurants.  

  • Front desk, catering messages for groups, breakfast till and breakfast tickets.

  • According to the DFDS quality and service standards provide the best possible customer service to our passengers.

  • Be in control of the table reservation and to obtain a maximum occupancy of seats available in all restaurants.

  • Coordinate the bookings in a way that makes the smoothest impression on our passenger. The bookings should be made in a way that gives a minimum of cues at the front desk and at the buffet.

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